Up to $.65 per mile

$2500 Anniversary Bonus After 10 Years

$1000 Anniversary Bonus

$2000 Referral Bonus

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You can choose to haul Dry Van or End Dump freight


Your professionalism and experience is valuable and Woody Bogler Trucking Company wants to pay you for it!


Additional Bonus Opportunities

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Generous Pay Package, Use Your Clock to Your Advantage, Excellent Bonus Opportunities, Benefits Befitting Professionals!










In addition to its outstanding pay package Woody Bogler Trucking Company also pays its Professional Drivers for honoring us by choosing to work here.  Every year, Woody Bogler Trucking Company will thank you for your continued commitment and professionalism with a $1,000 anniversary bonus.  That is until you reach 10 years with the company at which time you will receive a $2,500 anniversary bonus annually.  Woody Bogler Trucking Company also understands that its professional drivers are the best ambassadors of the company.  For this reason Woody Bogler Trucking Company rewards its professional driver for every referral that results in the hire of another Professional truck driver.  For every successful referral a $2,000 sign on bonus will be paid to the referring driver.  $1000 is paid after the referred driver delivers his first load and $1000 is paid if the referred driver is still employed by the company after 90 days.


benefits for professionals​


  • Health, Life and Dental Insurance
  • 60% of health insurance premiums paid by WBTC
  • $66 per week single
  • $165 per week employee and spouse
  • $132 per week employee and children
  • $209 per week family
  • 60% of dental insurance premiums paid by WBTC
  • $2.87 per week single
  • $5.92 per week employee and spouse
  • $6.57 per week employee and children


Professionalism is what drives your successful future and ours!


  • $9.58 per week family
  • $10,000 life insurance policy paid by the company
  • Vision insurance 100% company paid
  • Optional enhanced life insurance
  • Optional life insurance for spouse and children
  • Accident and Critical Illness Coverage


  • Disability insurance
  •  401k with company match
  •  Vacation pay (after one year)
  • Direct deposit weekly
  •  Passenger program
  • Pet program
  • TV in every truck


Professional truck drivers are treated like family at Woody Bogler Trucking Company.  A family deserves a good home and we want you to make your home Woody Bogler Trucking Company.  We hire the best professional truck drivers in the industry for our fleet.  Our End Dumps mostly run regionally in the central United States but you will see our End Dumps from coast to coast.  On any given day you might find one of our dry van trucks in New England, California or anywhere in between.

about woody bogler trucking company 



The first truck to ever travel coast to coast did so in 1916. Woody Bogler Trucking Company has not been around that long, but almost. William Bogler founded our company in the 1920s using a horse drawn wagon to carry clay to the railroad for transport to brick plants. In 1924, he purchased his first truck; a chain driven International.  It’s been onwards and upwards with an eye to reaching the pinnacle of professionalism since then.  Woody Bogler Trucking Company now operates a state of the art fleet of 215 Peterbilt tractors none of which are more than 4 years old.  We replace 25% of our fleet with new tractors annually because our professional drivers deserve nothing but the best.

here's what it takes to drive for

woody bogler trucking company



Bring your professionalism and:


  • Minimum age of 22
  • Minimum of six months verifiable tractor-trailer driving experience
  • No more than three moving violations combined in the past three years as listed on the MVR/PSP
  • No “serious” violations in the past three years as listed on the MVR/PSP. Serious violations include: Excessive speeding - 15 mph over limit; improper or erratic lane change; following too close; a violation arising in connection with a fatal accident; driving a CMV without a CDL; driving a CMV without a CDL in the driver's possession; driving a CMV without the proper class of CDL and/or endorsements for the specific vehicle being operated.
  • No DWIs, drug or alcohol convictions and/or reckless driving violations in the past five years as listed on the MVR/PSP
  • No more than three preventable accidents in the past three years
  • No more than three jobs in the past twelve months


Even if you meet most of the requirements but maybe not all of them we would still like to talk to you.  Our professional drivers understand that flexibility is sometimes required out on the road.  For this reason we are also flexible with our professional drivers.

bogler truck driving jobs
woody bogler truck driver jobs